Educational project


Education is the best inheritance we can leave our children and as parents we have the responsibility to get their education right because it is the only way to ensure that they become great people and better professionals in the future.

Humanitas Bilingual School Torrejón offers an open project with the aim of educating future international citizens and professionals.

Our goal is to educate and develop authentic Humanitas pupils who are free and independent people with a critical spirit and a solid intellectual, emotional and ethical basis. This will allow them to face the challenges of an increasingly globalized world.

Our project is based on four fundamental aspects:

  • Solid curricular preparation.
  • Internationalization of the educational project.
  • Solid development of emotional and social intelligence.
  • Methodological innovation and implementation of ICT in the educational project in order to personalize our pupils’ learning as much as possible and adequately develop their key competencies.

Humanitas Bilingual School Torrejón is characterized by:

  • Its dynamic and innovative style.
  • The personalized teaching-learning process for each pupil.
  • The teacher profile, both in their initial and continuing education.
  • The relationship between pupils, families and the school. The close cooperation between all these agents is essential for the development of our project. Trabajamos a nivel general (a través de reuniones informativas, publicaciones corporativas, comunicaciones online y en redes sociales, y mediante nuestro Espacio Humanitas -escuela de padres- y el A.M.P.A.). At the individual level, thanks to our tutorial action plan we can individually monitor the academic and personal development of each pupil.
  • The promotion of respect, tolerance, social and coexistence behavior, responsibility towards work, the culture of effort and the development of intellectual curiosity.
  • The social commitment to and responsibility for the environment.
  • And the internationalization of your project:

– Promoting from Nursery, learning in more than one language (Spanish, English and French).

– Encouraging our pupils to spend time abroad.

– Participating in international projects with other schools.

– Offering the possibility of obtaining international qualifications, such as the Dual Baccalaureate.

Because at Humanitas, we believe that educating is more than just teaching

We seek to promote curiosity, motivation, discovery, critical spirit and the joy of learning in our pupils, and we encourage them to apply what they have learned, all in an environment of teamwork, autonomy and assumption of responsibilities.

We strive to educate pupils holistically with meaningful and cooperative learning, and active, participative and experimental methodologies.

We develop their competencies and skills, teamwork, creative thinking, and cognitive, emotional and social development.

Humanitas Bilingual School Torrejón is located in a natural and pleasant environment and has the necessary facilities to offer the best framework for its educational offer. We have multimedia rooms, laboratories, reading club classrooms in Spanish and English, psychomotricity rooms, sports center, music room, art room, swimming pool, dining room, and more.

And all this is led by a team of highly qualified and specialized professionals whose main mission is to offer each pupil a personalized educational system based on their attitudes and aptitudes.

Because at Humanitas Bilingual School we educate people for the future.

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