Psycho-pedagogical orientation

Tutorial Action Plan

Humanitas understands that we do not only impart knowledge in purely academic aspects, but that we also have an impact on the global educational process of our students, all of whom are immersed in specific social groups with different and heterogeneous personal characteristics, which need to be known, valued and improved.

Taking all this into account and considering it an excellent complement for the good personal development of our students, the School developed its EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE PROGRAMME during Early Education and Primary stages; the S.E.A.L. PROGRAMME during Secondary Education and Baccalaureate; and the LEARNING-SERVICE PROGRAMME (Educational Centre in Kibera-Kenya, Shared Study and Reading Sponsorship), transversally in the entire educational centre.

The tutorial action is carried out following four types of actions:

  • coordination of the teaching staff.
  • with the group of students, weekly
  • individualised care of students.
  • fluid communication with families.
Plan de Acción Tutorial

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